Monday, August 17, 2009

Wind Loaded Video

Just finished this video with all new software so please excuse some of the edits!

Hope you like it.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Landscaping Load

We have been needing to control a bit of dirt in the backyard. We thought that the blocks would make a nice contrast to our raised beds. I could have used the 22-year-old Volvo in the background...but that would have been overkill. The roundabout autofree ride was about 1 mile with ~100 of elevation and took 15 minutes.

The biggest issue with this load was getting the bike off the bike rack at Home Despot. I was wedged between a flower display and an illegally parked scooter.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Modular Storage

Even though this bike seems to have ample space to carry everything, like a good backpack it needs lots of pockets to stash stuff.

You can see the previously installed black basket on the far under side of the rack. I use this to carry locks, rain gear and most recently a can of white and a can of black spray paint, my one biker campaign against taggers. I had tried to store my tools, tubes and patch kit in here as well. These were all so small that they’d either get thrown out the top on bumps or settle so far to the bottom that they became impossible to find.

The other day while at Home Depot I spied a tubular, red, round container laying on the floor beneath a welder display. I was about to walk past it and I was struck with the idea of mounting it below that cargo deck and stuffing it with tools, tubes, patch kit, bungies, ratchet straps and tie-wraps. Of course tie-wraps were deployed to hold this in place…strong, cheap and they don’t rust.
Of course I had to customize my new storage with stickers from my favorite local places here in Seattle.

This part was less than $10US and fills a real need.