Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mulch Run Number 4

Saturday marked the last of my Theo Chocolate Mulch Runs for the early summer. This load is made up of two especially heavy bags weighing close to thirty pounds each. Both today and yesterday I went up Fremont Ave unlike the first Mulch Run where I went up the more gradual, but out of the way Stone Way.

Our garden loves this stuff.


Kiki Kane said...

Woohoo! I linked your video to What an inspiring bit of sustainability!

Kiki Kane

Anonymous said...

Love your blog; great videos. I added a link from my blog to yours:

Keep up the good work..


bmike said...

Very nice little video!
I'll have to shoot some of our adventures here in VT.

d*pow said...

I'm linking you up on my blog,

Jolly said...

Great site. You do know not to let dogs near that cocoa mulch? It is poisonious to dogs. Bike on.

CargoBike said...

Thanks for the comment. We do know that it is bad for dogs. The cats stay away from it but the squirrels love the stuff when it is fresh